Meet Cyber Insights, the latest innovation in our end-to-end operational technology (OT) cybersecurity offerings.

When it comes to protecting industrial assets from cyber attacks, knowledge is power. However, turning data into information and knowledge is an ongoing challenge for many in the OT space, especially if IT solutions are their only tools. To help address this, Honeywell's OT cybersecurity team designed a software-enabled solution, Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity+ | Cyber Insights, specifically for industrial process control environments.

With actionable and targeted OT cybersecurity insights, this on-premise and vendor-neutral solution provides customers with access to near real-time and historical data on vulnerabilities, compliance and threats to help them reduce cyber risks and manage compliance.

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Meet the Speaker

Paul Griswold

Paul Griswold

Chief Product Officer for Cybersecurity, Honeywell Connected Enterprise (HCE)

In this role, Paul is responsible for the overall strategy of HCE's cybersecurity software, managed service, and consulting service portfolios. Since entering the cybersecurity field in 1999, Paul has held a variety of leadership positions in product management, strategy, marketing, architecture, and product development. Prior to joining Honeywell, Paul spent seven years with IBM Security, most recently as the Executive Director of Strategy and Offering Management for IBM's X-Force threat intelligence and protection offerings. Paul holds both an MBA and a BS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.

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