The 2024 USB Threat Report from Honeywell GARD

The 2024 USB Threat Report from Honeywell GARD (Global Analysis, Research, and Defense) provides a detailed analysis of USB-borne malware affecting industrial control systems and critical infrastructures. Drawing data from numerous global OT facilities, the report highlights emerging trends in threats utilizing USB devices to bypass network defenses, evade detection, gather information, establish persistence and disrupt or damage industrial operations.

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Key insights in the report include:

  • Evolution of USB-borne malware sophistication, targeting and impact on process control over six years,
  • Identification of most prevalent malware types and their techniques for infection, execution and spread via USB removable media,
  • Exploration of adversaries adopting “living off the land” strategies, leveraging target system capabilities in cyber-physical attack campaigns,
  • Security implications and recommended incident responses for operators to help protect their facilities from USB-borne threats.

This report is a must-read for those concerned about cybersecurity and the potential consequences of USB-borne attacks.

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